An ISO 9001-2000

Certified Company With Growing
Sense of Commitment

 Pharmaceuticals came into existence in 1995 as a dynamic progressive Pharmaceutical manufacturing and trading house. We have been into manufacturing Brands of different categories.  As a progressive concern, Epoch Pharmaceuticals is fully aware of growing challenges both at the domestic as well as the global level. The level of success achieved in our manufacturing capabilities can be gauged by the most sophisticated, fully integrated, fully equipped, modern manufacturing plant located in Karachi. The manufacturing facilities have the capability to deliver international quality products to our diverse range of both direct and indirect customers.

An ISO 9001-2000

(UKAS) (DNV) certified company

A Strong Focus on                          Research & Development

  considers R & D to be the secrete behind our growth. A secret that we make no secret of. The team of R&D specialists, the best in the business constantly strives to work on process improvements and to support  manufacturing. Various groups of professionals for each & every category are equipped with state of the art facilities. Our R&D division is also responsible for translating all manufacturing processes to commercial scale.  A well equipped LABORATORY adequately staffed by qualified professional provide quick turnout of work with accurate results. Our in-house facilities further facilitate analytical development and all validations.

The Epoch Portfolio

in Pakistan comprises of


  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

  • Trade & Marketing

  • Exports

  • Contract Manufacturing




The Team of

Marketing Professionals

Delivering The Solutions You Need!

We fully understand the importance of marketing in a rapidly changing world, especially in our line of business. A team of qualified, experienced marketing professionals at  are engaged in devising and implementing effective marketing strategies based on  market research, analysis and valuable insights gained from our customers both  direct and indirect.




The Manufacturing Facilities

Setting up of a manufacturing facility in the heart of the main industrial area of the city  in the year 1995  was the starting point for us to manufacture and market top-of-the line drugs. 

 These drugs include:

*Anti-inflammatory (NSAID)

*Anti-biotic     *Anti-Bacterial

*Anti-Infective   *Macrolide

*Cardio-vascular & *CNS products

The manufacturing facility has separate plants for formulated products, supported very closely by services like  Engineering, Maintenance, Laboratory, Warehouse,  Distribution and other essential functions. The entire facility  has also been designed to meet the requirements of cGMP as per the Ministry of Health guidelines.  Many of our pharmaceutical products are manufactured according to their patented processes reinforcing our commitment to International Quality.  The manufacturing facilities include the following:

Dedicated area for the formulation of

Cephalosporin, Penicillin,
Non-Penicillin  & Dermatology

Facility to manufacture

Oral Suspensions, Capsules,                  
Ointments / Creams, Tablets,                     
Dry Powder Suspensions                           
Sterile Injection  

Volumetric Filling Machines for

Ointments, Injections, Suspensions & Liquids

High-Tech Equipments

Hepa Filters for best performance of cGMP compliance

Highly qualified and trained workforce

Stringent Quality Control

System to maintain sterility at every step



The Driving Force Behind our Success!

We sincerely believe that it is only quality that wins us customers, retains our business and build expansion.

To this end  we are therefore  fully committed to our customers.  A commitment that makes us continuously, closely monitor each and every aspect of our operations, whether it is formulation, manufacturing, quality control, packaging or even marketing. Great emphasis is laid on training our people so that they develop a better and more effective approach to further enhancing quality standards at every level.

 Leaders in Custom Synthesis and Contract Manufacturing

Pharmaceuticals has ample capabilities to deliver effective solutions in custom synthesis and  Contract Manufacturing.  The modern infrastructure especially earmarked is available at multiple sites.  The infrastructure is based and run on a  THREE-SHIFT system with operations effectively supervised by highly qualified and experienced pharmacists.

A  Vision For the Future

The Management of  Pharmaceuticals deeply share a unified vision for the future which has set the following key tasks and objectives for achieving a corporate vision in the 21st Century:

More Specialization, Stronger Marketing,                Heightened Sales and Diversification

To continue to be in the ranks of leading pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Pakistan

A resolve to penetrate deeper into overseas markets

More investments in R&D for evolving drugs of  superior quality at the most economical prices

Continued expansion in manufacturing facilities